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What is the role of EtBr in karyotyping?

Etbr- Ethidium Bromide, is a carcinogenic DNA intercalating agent that binds to DNA strand. Here, during karyotyping adding EtBr induce chromosomal swelling to make it more separable.

As EtBr intercalates between the DNA, it hinders in the packaging process and relaxing the DNA Present on chromosomes and hence more chromosome bands will be observed. It is typically used during high-resolution banding.

This article will help you to learn more: Role of EtBr in Karyotyping.

What is the use and composition of the hypotonic solution in karyotyping?

The hypotonic solution helps in swollen cells that can break easily. KCl is usually employed as hypo and a 0.56% hypotonic solution is used during karyotyping. Note that the hypo is made fresh every time when use.

In which condition a karyotype test is preferred?

The karyotype test is advised by a doctor when there is a previous history of genetic abnormalities in the family and women above the age of 30 or 35, previous history of cancer.

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