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By Dr Tushar Chauhan October 07, 2022

The story of the Nobel Prize 2022 in Medicine or Physiology 

On October 3 2022, the Nobel Prize in Medicine or physiology was announced by the GS of the Nobel Assembly Thomas Perlmann.

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Svante Pääbo won the Nobel Prize in medicine or physiology for his outstanding work retrieving the ancient genomic constituent of extinct hominins.

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He obtained the entire genome sequence of our closest extinct relative Neanderthal. He also obtained the genome sequence of Denisova.

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Svante Pääbo initially selected the mtDNA for investigations and obtained 61 nucleotide long Neanderthal mtDNA sequence.

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The team tested more than 70 bone and tooth samples of Neanderthal during the investigations.

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To establish the genetic relationship, the present DNA sequence was compared with 2051 modern-day humans and 59 chimpanzee mtDNA.

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He adopted high throughput genome sequencing technique and BLASTn for alignment.

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His conclusion suggests that modern-day human DNA is a mixing of Homo sapience with Neanderthal and Denisova during the co-extinction period.

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