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By Dr Tushar Chauhan September 27, 2022

Short Biography of Jennifer Doudna

Doudna J is known for her contribution to the revolutionary gene therapy approach. Here is a short biography of Jennifer Doudna.

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The full name of Doudna J is Jennifer Anne Doudna was born on Feb 19, 1964, in Washington DC.

Name and birth

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In 1989, she received a doctoral degree in biological chemistry and molecular pharmacology from Harvard Medical School.


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Doudna J married Jammie Cate in 2000 (Biochemist). They have a son named Andrew.

Personal Life

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Jennifer Doudna with Emmanuel Charpentier discovered a revolutionary precise genome editing method using CRISPR-cas9.

Scientific contribution

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Doudna J won 37 awards including the prestigious Nobel Prize and 7 honorary doctorate honors.

Awards and Honors

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In 2020, Dougdna J and Charpentier E were awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for their outstanding work in the field of genome editing and CRISPR-cas9.

Nobel Prize

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According to Internet sources, the net worth of J Dougdna is 1.5 million dollars. She is 58 now and still actively doing research.

Age & Net worth

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