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By Dr Tushar Chauhan October 16, 2022

A Short Biography of Gregor Mendel- A Father of Genetics

Mendel’s contribution gave direction to modern genetics, let’s see a short biography of the father of modern genetics.

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The full name of Gregor Mendel is Gregor Johann Mendel, born on 20th July 1822 in today’s Czech Republic.

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Full name and  birth

He first explained the theory of genetic inheritance and hence named the “Father of modern genetics.”

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He studied practical and theoretical philosophy and physics at the philosophical Institute of the University of Olmutz. Notedly, 

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Mendel, his two sisters and his father Anton and mother Rosine were living on their farm where he learned beekeeping.

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Personal life

He adopted the name “Gregor” after becoming a monk to continue his studies further.

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Mendel is known for his outstanding contribution to genetics by postulating the law of inheritance.

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He studied pea plants, did experiments and described that traits are inherited from one to another generation.

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Two classic explanations of his findings are the law of segregation and the law of independent assortment.

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He died on 6 January 1884 at age 61. Notedly his work wasn't recognized during his lifetime.

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