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By Dr Tushar Chauhan September 26, 2022

10 Facts on Rosalind Franklin

Franklin R is known for discovering the structure of DNA. Here are some of the amazing facts about her, you should know. 

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Rosalind Franklin was born on 25 July 1920 in Notting Hill, London, England. She achieved her Ph.D. degree from Cambridge University in 1945.

Early life

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She was a biophysicist and an expert X-crystallographer. She was not a geneticist.


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Her work on molecular structures of coal and virus was highly recognized which helped Britain during world war 2.


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She further demonstrated the structure of DNA and RNA, however, her research on DNA remained unrecognized.

Dark lady of DNA

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The 51st image captured by the student of Frankin, Raymond Gosling was the X-diffraction image of the DNA.

Photo 51

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Her fellow scientist director Randall J and Wilkins M from King's College, London disagreed with her findings.

Do you know?

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Wilkins M shared the picture with Watson, and he and his colleagues decoded the structure of DNA later.

Do you know?

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She was awarded two Nobel Prize after her death but not for postulating the structure of DNA.

Nobel Prize

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She died on 16 April 1958 in Chelsea London by Ovarian cancer. Working under high X-ray radiation perhaps become a reason for her death, scientists believe.


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Franklin R died at the young age of 37 years, but still, her outstanding findings help us to understand the blueprint of life.

Structure of DNA

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